The Security Risks Of Changing Package Owners

The Security Risks Of Changing Package Owners

The primary goal of an incident response is to examine which vulnerabilities got exploited by the adversary, to understand how the adversary attacked the systems, which systems and credentials are compromised, and what information has been exposed. In addition to that, digital forensics is used to perform a systematic investigation while documenting the chain of evidence. It is important to discover exactly what transpired on digital systems and who was responsible for it.

Digital Forensic and Incident Response (DFIR) service include the technical investigation and response to incidents of cyber attacks. It identifies the initial attack vector to determine the extent of the incident. The service also aims to recover lost information, which involves retrieval and examination of evidence found in digital devices.

Our method usually replicates the step-by-step actions of an attacker. We conduct an in-depth forensic investigation of suspected malicious network security incidents, and we carry out an investigative analysis of computers, mobile devices, networks, memory drives, databases, logs, files, etc. This is important to gather information and evidence and detect intrusion. As a consequence, we can discover and analyse patterns of fraudulent activities resulting from criminal activities.

The service includes analysing the incident, assisting the enterprises to respond to them, and removing the attacker from their network.

DFIR service offers a portfolio of incident response processes to investigate and respond to cybersecurity incidents that hit organisations.

Enterprise Incident Response Service

The Enterprise Incident Response Service helps organisations to respond to incidents of cybersecurity.

Our method includes identifying the initial attack vector, determining the extent of the compromise, understanding the attacker’s methods, and developing an action plan to remediate. The investigation will follow the evidence of cyber attacks.

The salient features of the service are:

Value Proposition

  •  Understand and resolve critical security incidents and enhance prevention, detection, and response.
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