Cyber Criminals Publish Stolen Sepa Data

Cyber Criminals Publish Stolen Sepa Data

Budgets for technology spending are often constrained. Leading organisations are adopting ITSEC’s Managed Security Services (MSS) to keep the costs in control. Our MSS portfolio contains a variety of services to safeguard organisations’ information assets and sensitive data from the most severe cyber threats.

The cyber world is fast evolving. Measures to secure organisations are often lagging. In other words, organisations are more vulnerable to cyber attacks than ever before. Cybercriminals are looking for opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities. Organisations, regardless of their size, need to have a clear strategy to protect themselves from these threats. A comprehensive strategy includes regular monitoring, maintenance, auditing including security testing of their security management programs.

Businesses across many sectors are increasingly turning to ITSEC’s Managed Security Services (MSS). We help managing defence and response strategies for a variety of threats: customer data theft for example or targeted malware. Our service is particularly beneficial for organisations that have resource constraints and a shortage of skilled information security (IS) professionals.

ITSEC’s Managed Security Services (MSS) offers the following services:

  •  Help to a full spectrum of information security requirements, including:
    • Managed Audits, Risk Assurance and Compliance.
    • Managed Enterprise Network Monitoring.
    • Managed Security Devices.
    • Log Management.
    • Vulnerability Management.
    • Endpoint Security Management.
    • Managed Security Staffing.
    • Managed Continuous Security Advisory.
  •  Onsite consulting, perimeter management of organisations’ network, security monitoring, compliance monitoring, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, as well as assistance in regulatory compliance.
  •  Secured information systems, keeping organisations up-to-date on security, and dealing with new challenges.
  •  Simplified business management by letting organisations focus on their core business while we fully manage their security proactively.
  •  Streamlined technology budget resulting from control or reduction of technology and labour costs.
  •  Security risk advisory and management of risks to organisational information assets.
  •  Establishment of a security benchmark for future deliveries.
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