Five Strategies to Optimize Cloud Security in 2021

Five Strategies to Optimize Cloud Security in 2021

Audits, Risk Assurance and Compliance

Information Security Audits

An information technology (IT) audit is the examination and evaluation of an organisation’s IT infrastructure, and their policies. The audit determines whether the existing IT controls protect corporate assets adequately. It ensures that data integrity aligns with the overall business goals and provides opportunities to improve.

On the other hand, an information security (IS) audit examines the maturity of information security in an organisation. IS auditing can have a broad scope. There are several types of IS audits: technical, physical, or even administrative. They all have different objectives and can require, among others, the examination of facilities and infrastructure.

With ITSEC’s expertise and proven record, organisations will successfully overcome the challenges of IS audits.

Some of the key benefits:

  •  Help organisations to assess the objectives of the information security audits and their scope.
  •  Help to frame a strategy, including defining the procedures to deal with audits.
  •  Assistance in the identification of cybersecurity risks, including monitoring and control of organisational information assets.
  •  Setting up a benchmark for delivering continuous improvements of audits.

Information Security Risk Assurance

ITSEC’s Information Security Risk Assurance service and associated workshops help enterprises identify risks and allow them to make the most of their security investments.

We determine flaws or gaps in organisations’ existing security policies, procedures, and controls in order to assist them with information security risk management. These international standards-based services for security, privacy, and continuity provide a proven basis for minimising business risks and maximising return on investments.

Transforming security and digital protection requires a measured and skilled approach. We help to protect organisations’ digital information infrastructure by mitigating risks and analysing evolving security compliance landscapes. To put the right security and privacy controls in place is crucial.

We can help enterprises define their strategy, to mature or to remediate gaps in their security systems.

Our risk assurance services can assist with:

  • Risk identification, management, and mitigation.
  •  Risk assessment as to whether the level of organisations’ cybersecurity investment links to their business objectives.
  •  Gap analysis as to the current state of organisations’ IS program for improvement.
  •  Framing a business case for security managers in order to help them get their key stakeholders’ buy-in for enforcement of IS policies.
  •  An assessment whether organisations have the right controls in place.
  •  Prioritisation of changes to technology and systems, review of operations, and implementation of evolving regulatory requirements.

Information Security Compliance

ITSEC’s information security compliance portfolio is a collection of services designed to create and adopt a security strategy that addresses the organisation’s key security risks. Consequently, we provide that the enterprises’ security function become adaptable to business performance drivers without an increased risk in compliance mandates.

We offer advisory and consulting services to help organisations assess their current state and implement the required changes.

We help organisations to adhere to the following compliance and regulatory frameworks:

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