ICC works with your team to evaluate your specific needs to tailor solutions that enhance security and resilience against the unique cybersecurity risks facing your organization.

Incident Response & Investigations

Quick and effective response is critical when it comes to limiting long-term damage. ICC experts understand that cyber incident response  

Forensic & Litigation Support

To gather relevant information within enterprise systems and   across diverse data sets

Crisis Management & Strategic Communications

Effective internal and external communication is imperative during every cybersecurity incident.  

Business Continuity Services

Cyber attacks have the potential for devastating consequences to an organization.

Dark Web Research & Analysis

Is often where malicious activity is conceived, planned, and executed. ICC Cybersecurity performs bespoke and tailored investigations into the deep and dark web to complete our investigations.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

ICC Cybersecurity is prepared to act as a company’s virtual Chief Information Security Officer. 

Compliance Services

ICC Cybersecurity’s compliance services are focused on ensuring that an organization meets its unique compliance requirements while maximizing the return on cybersecurity investment.

Data Protection Officer

Organizations are often faced with internal staffing concerns that external resources are unable to address in a cost-effective manner.

Blockchain Services

From small projects that streamline operations, to large-scale transformations of an organization’s data security program

Cyber Threat Management

Online Cyber threat activity is increasing around the world and will continue as more of the process occurs online

M&A Due Diligence

While due diligence in an M&A has traditionally centered on financial, organizational structure, operational, or contractual risks, assessing cyber risk is now just as vital.


Our e-discovery managed services reduce your costs and provide greater budget predictability, all while reducing the need for internal technology investments.

Collections & Computer Forensics

No matter the type, geography, or scale of an investigation, or the type of data involved, we provide right-sized solutions delivered by expert forensic investigators supported by leading
e-discovery technology.

Risk Modeling

Using state-of-the-art techniques and simulation software, we can develop a comprehensive understanding of the risk management processes that exists at an organization and develop a corresponding risk model.

Personal Cybersecurity Protection for High-Profile Individuals & Family Offices

Cybersecurity risks are often associated with large organizations, but high-profile individuals and family offices are also prime targets for cyber criminals.

Data Breach Notification and Call Center Services

We work in conjunction with your organization or as a separate unit to support your response efforts.

Ransomware Services

Cyber criminals have steadily shifted away from attacking systems directly and are more inclined to use self-propagating malware to spread across networks

Insider Threat and Workplace Misconduct

Network users with trusted access can exploit the systems that protect your most critical assets

Data and Analytics

The complexity of financial systems and globalization of business processes challenge organizations to preserve and analyze transactional

Risk and Investigations

Located in key financial center of the Asia region, the team conducts sophisticated investigations