Cyber Threat Management

Cyber Threat Management

Online Cyber threat activity is increasing around the world and will continue as more of the process occurs online. ICC has deep experience with the threat actors involved, their capabilities, and designing resilient preparedness and response plans for incidents that occur.

Our Services
  • Implement the offering that best addresses an organization’s unique risks and priorities
  • Assist with conducting risk vulnerability assessments, analyzing results, and developing a plan to address the identified gaps or risks
  • Gauge the resilience of an organization’s cyber infrastructure through preparedness and response planning
  • Conduct third-party risk assessments to ensure that the information shared is secured at all stages
  • Evaluate the information governance policies and procedures of an organization’s vendors
  • Provide subject matter expertise and advice on an organization’s partnership with the government
  • Audit network defenses

  • System architecture design and implementation

  • Cyber risk and vulnerability assessments

  • Evaluate / develop information security policies and procedures

  • Develop cyber incident preparedness and response plans

  • Evaluate third-party risks

  • Incident response

  • Data availability
    and integrity

  • Expert coordination with governmental agencies and legal counsel

  • Manage implementation of cyber crisis communications plans

  • Conduct social
    listening audits

  • Build / rebuild networks

  • Design and implement best practice defensive measures

  • Assist with privacy notifications

  • Assist with civil litigation

  • Coordinate with
    criminal authorities

  • Conduct post-incident independent audits of incident preparedness and response