Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Organizations are often faced with internal staffing concerns that external resources are unable to address in a cost-effective manner. Further, optimizing the Data Privacy Officer (DPO) role can be a challenge due to day-to-day reactive work becoming the focus of the position versus taking a strategic approach.

  • To address these pain points, we have developed two DPO service offerings: DPO-as-a-Service and Office of the DPO Support, to deliver right-sized and expert services that help corporations integrate expertise into their team, and meet compliance requirements, such as those under the GDPR.

We offer expertise in executing the following DPO responsibilities in a primary or supporting role:

  • Data subject requests response and tracking
  • Data protection impact assessment reviews and escalation
  • Metrics compilation and reporting
  • Breach logging, investigation, and notification support
  • Records inventorying
  • Training and internal communications development
  • Requirements tracking and documentation support development