Proactive Services

Proactive Services

ICC works with your team to evaluate your specific needs to tailor solutions that enhance security and resilience against the unique cybersecurity risks facing your organization.

Cybersecurity Program Assessment

Scored assessment of client’s Cybersecurity Program to determine overall level of maturity of their policies, procedures, technology, staff, and culture

Policies, Procedures, and Staff Gap Analysis & Design

Review of security policies and procedures and interview with staff to understand how security policies, processes, and procedures are implemented, managed, and enforced

Penetration Testing & Red Teaming

Authorized simulated attack on client’s system to evaluate security of that system

Threat-Hunting Operations

Proactively searching client’s network to identify threats/malicious actors that have already evaded existing security solutions

Vulnerability Assessments

Technical process to scan for vulnerabilities in client’s network

Cybersecurity Compliance Preparedness

Clarification of client compliance landscape and requirements to close gaps and achieve regulatory compliance

Crisis Simulation & Table-top Exercises

Live simulated attack to practice and assess readiness

Employee Training

Tailored employee training to build employees’ knowledge base, define appropriate standards of behavior, and promote secure behavior

Business Continuity

Practical, best-in-class business continuity planning solutions

Program Development

Data Privacy program build, strategy development, program implementation and transformation

Regulatory Enablement

Regulatory gap assessments, policy drafting, compliance process implementation (DPIA, Record of Processing, data mapping), regulatory affairs support (GDPR, HIPAA, CaCPA, etc.)

Privacy Managed Services

Privacy office as a service, DPO as a Service, Crisis Management, On-Call 
Breach Support


“Privacy Engineering”, data scanning, automated data mapping, vendor selection support, technology development and implementation

Privacy Risk Management

Quantitative Privacy and Information Security risk analysis (emerging risk, third party risk, operational risk), control testing, and control tuning